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Method Path
GET https://agora.olery.com/v2/review_data

Returns aggregated review data for the last 365 days for one property.


If caching is enabled, all data is updated once every 24 hours.

Output Format

The aggregated data is returned as an Array of JSON objects in the data field. Each object has the following fields:

Field Data Types Description
gei Float The current Guest Experience Index value
opinions Hash The count of opinions and sentiment score per topic
ratings Hash The rating categories and their subratings


A reviews can contain mutliple opinions, even of the same topic.

The sentiment score is a float on a scale from -1.0 to 1.0. A value of -1.0 indicates a completely negative opinion while 1.0 indicates a completely positive opinion.

positive_opinions Fixnum The count of positive opinions about the topic
negative_opinions Fixnum The count of negative opinions about the topic
sentiment_score Float The score taking all opinions into account


The “ratings” field is an nested object with the rating categories (e.g. “room” or “overall”) and subratings (e.g. “bed”). The categories are an average of the subratings.

Values for the ratings are integers with a scale of 0 to 100. Rating topics without values are not included in the object.

Example Output

     "id": 756,
     "name": "Hotel Olery",
     "data": {
         "ratings": {
             "room": {
                 "count": 44,
                 "value": 81.7352941176471,
                 "title": "Room",
                 "subratings": {
                     "comfort": {
                         "count": 9,
                         "value": 74.4444444444444,
                         "title": "Comfort"
                     "room_general": {
                         "count": 32,
                         "value": 80.875,
                         "title": "General"
                     "sleep_quality": {
                         "count": 27,
                         "value": 85.1851851851852,
                         "title": "Sleep quality"
             "cleanliness": {
                 "count": 35,
                 "value": 82.8571428571429,
                 "title": "Cleanliness",
                 "subratings": {
                     "cleanliness_general": {
                         "count": 35,
                         "value": 82.8571428571429,
                         "title": "General"
         "gei": 84.6555416724148496,
         "sentiment": {
             "room": {
                 "positive_opinions": 409,
                 "negative_opinions": 75,
                 "opinions_count": 484,
                 "sentiment_score": 0.8450413223140496
             "location": {
                 "positive_opinions": 359,
                 "negative_opinions": 61,
                 "opinions_count": 420,
                 "sentiment_score": 0.8547619047619047
             "staff": {
                 "positive_opinions": 339,
                 "negative_opinions": 29,
                 "opinions_count": 368,
                 "sentiment_score": 0.9211956521739131


Parameter Parameter Type Data Types Required Description
id path Fixnum true The ID of the company.

Response Statuses

Status Code Reason
200 OK
404 The specified company was not found.
403 Client does not have access to the company.

Response Fields

Field Data Types Description
data Hash JSON object containing aggregated review data