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To receive data for a property it has to be mapped to Olery’s property inventory.

Requesting Mapping for a Property or Property List

Olery provides each customer a CSV template containing a number of columns for basic hotel details such as address and columns for each supported review source.

The customer enters the details according to the stated requirements and sends it to support@olery.com.

Processing Time

It usually takes 5 business days until properties are matched, connected and reviews imported. You will receive an reply to the request email upon completion of the process.

Providing source URLs and IDs can speed up the processing time.

The reply will include the Olery IDs for the requested properties.

In case of large batches (5000+ properties), more time might be necessary.

Deactivating a Property

To deactivate properties in your account please also send and email with the Olery IDs of the properties to support@olery.com.

Note: You might still be invoiced for removed properties if they were deactivated before the minimum connection period (usually 6 month) had expired.