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Method Path
GET https://agora.olery.com/v3/companies/:id/surveys/responses

This endpoint returns all responses linked to the provided company and survey (optionally)

Output Format

The aggregated data is returned as an Array of JSON objects in the data field. Each object has the following fields:

Field Data Types Description
id String Survey’s ID
date Date Date when the survey was filled
duration Integer Number of seconds taken to fill the survey
finished_at Time Time when the response was completed
guest Hash Guest information (see below)
language String Language code
language_name String Language name in english
overall_rating String Overall rating of the response (if available)
review_status String Status of the review if this was a third party
additional_info Hash Additional parameters as provided in the survey URL query parameters
answers Array Answers values (see below)

Guest information

Field Data Types Description
name String Guest name
full_name String Guest full name
email String Guest email
arrival_date Date Guest arrival date
departure_date Date Guest departure date
room_number String Guest room number
purpose String Guest purpose of visit
custom_id String Custom ID assigned

Answers values

Field Data Types Description
type String Type of the question
question Hash Id and title of the associated question
value - Value provided by user (depends on type)
follow_up - Follow up question (if available) answer value