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This is an overview of all sentiment topics detected by Olery in the review comments.

Neutral Topics

These topics appear both in a positive and negative context.

Sentiment Topic Suggested Label
bar Bar
bath_accessories Bath Accessories
bathroom Bathroom
bathtub Bathtub
bed Bed
bedlinen Bed Linen
beverages Beverages
breakfast_area Breakfast
cleanliness Cleanliness
corridor Corridors
decor Decor
elevator Elevator
entertainment Entertainment Facilities
facilities Facilities
fitness Fitness Room
floor Floors & Carpets
fnb Food & Drinks
food Food
furniture Furniture
hotel_building Hotel Building
internet Internet
lobby Lobby
location Location

Negative Topics (“Complaints”)

These topics appear mostly in a negtive context.

Sentiment Topic Suggested Label
defects Defective Items
dirt Dirt
dust Dust
fitness Health Issues
humidity Humidity
mold Mold
pests Pest Infestations
problem Service Issues
ptec Heating & Air Conditioner
smell Smell
smoke Smoke Smell
stains Stains