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The Olery Review Widget is a presentation of aggregated review data for a given hotel. It is meant to be used on the platforms of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and other travel sites. All content is based on the aggregated reviews from guests published online.

The widget consists of an API endpoint to receive all necessary content and data. Additionally, Olery provides an reference front-end implementation which you are free to use and modify.

Check out the reference front-end demo

Get the code


There are two ways to implement the widget:

If you work on a site with few hotels and limited traffic, you can call the Widget API live every time a visitor comes to your site/app. If you work on a big platform, you’ll want to create a cache with the data and update it regularly through the Widget API.

Please talks to us, if you’re not sure in which category you belong.


We are constantly capturing and processing new reviews, so the Widget API always has the latest data. Since the widget mostly uses aggregated data (averages and counts) the content should not change very quickly. Therefore we recommend weekly updates via the API.

Please be aware, to qualify for the Olery Trust Seal there are some update requirements.