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The API outputs its data using JSON. Attribute names are snake cased (e.g. user_name instead of userName) and are always written in English. Alternative output formats such as XML are not supported.

Date Formats

The API both accepts and outputs date values in various places. Whenever a date is used its format must be in ISO-8601 format. Usually only the year, month and day are required or included (in case of output).

An example date is the following:


Here the year is 2014, the month is October and the day is the 30th.

Format Errors

In case an invalid date is specified as input the API will display an error message. The structure of this message is as following:

    "error": "The `XXX` parameter should be an ISO-8601 date"

Here XXX would be replaced by the name of the field containing the invalid date. When such an error is displayed the HTTP status is set to “400 Bad Syntax”.


API output is always encoded using UTF8 without a Byte Order Mark (BOM). User input should also be encoded using UTF8 or another compatible character encoding.

As our API contains data in various languages (e.g. Russian or Arabic) it’s vital that applications using the API are Unicode aware and can handle UTF8 encoded characters.