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Method Path
DELETE https://agora.olery.com/v3/groups/:id/companies/:ids

This route can be used to deactivate properties which have been active for at least 30 days.

Output Format

Field Data Types Description
data Hash Details about the properties
message String Message for the user if the request was successful
error String Error message for the user if the request was not successful

Property Fields

In the data key property details are returned.

Field Data Types Description
company_ids Array IDs of the properties

Example Output

	"message": "Properties were successfully deactivated.",
	"data": {
		"company_ids": [


Parameter Parameter Type Data Types Required Description
group id path Integer true ID of the group
company ids path Integer true IDs of the properties to be deativated

You can deactivate multiple properties in one request by comma-separating IDs.

Make sure the request URL is not longer than 2000 characters (max. 200 IDs to deactivate). We recommend to make one request for each property to deactivate.

Response Statuses

Status Code Reason
200 OK
403 You don’t have access to that group
422 Property is not active