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This is an overview of all ratings captured by Olery.

Olery combines similar rating topics (eg. “hygene” and “cleanliness”) and aggregates the ratings into 9 categories, for which also a score is calculated.

Please be aware that the available rating topics depend on the review sources connnected to the property. Rating topics with a low occurrence are only present on reviews from certain sources.

Category Rating Topic Occurrence
overall overall_general always
  condition medium
  recommendation low
ambiance ambiance_general medium
  decor low
  surroundings low
  sound low
  atmosphere low
cleanliness cleanliness_general high
facilities facilities_general low
  sport low
  entertainment low
  swimming_pool low
  internet low
  wellness low
  camping_space low
  meeting low
  building low
fnb food_general high
  breakfast medium
  breakfast_variety low
  dinner low
  dinner_variety low
friendliness friendliness_general low
  couple_friendliness low
  senior_friendliness low
  youth_friendliness low
  family_friendliness low
  eco_friendliness low
  pets_friendlines low
  tent_friendliness low
location location_general high
  beach_proximity low
  neighborhood low
  skiing_proximity low
room room_general high
  amenities low
  bathroom low
  bed low
  comfort high
  quietness low
  sleep_quality medium
  size low
  terrace low
  security low
  interior low
service service_general high
  hospitality low
  staff medium
  personal_care low
  helpfulness low
  reception low
  breakfast_service low
  family_friendliness low
  booking low
value value_general high
  food low