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We’re delighted to have you working with the Olery White Label App.

Please provide logos, colors and intended custom domain to support@olery.com and we will apply them.

Logos & Styling

The logos and main colors can be changed.

Custom Branding

It is possible to add further CSS styling if you provide us with the ready-to-use code. Please note, that we will not test this styling with future application updates, so you will be responsible for maintenance.

Custom Domain

Custom domains can be provided for users to access the application. Users will still be able to log in to and use app.olery.com.

The domain should be configured with a CNAME to app.olery.com. The SSL configuration is done through a domain validation. Olery support will send you the CNAME name and value for the DNS record that is necessary to be added to validate the domain. The record for future validation should be kept and not be deleted.

If you aren’t configuring a subdomain, then you’ll need AWS and Route 53 to configure an alias to dualstack.junction-lb-1655597411.eu-west-1.elb.amazonaws.com.