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We’re delighted to have you working with the Olery White Label App.

Please provide the required details to support@olery.com and we will apply them.

Logos & Styling

The logos and main colors can be changed.

Custom Branding

It is possible to add further CSS styling if you provide us with the ready-to-use code. Please note, that we will not test this styling with future application updates, so you will be responsible for maintenance.

Brand name & custom domain

If you do not want the Olery branding to appear, you can either make use of the generic myreputationmonitor.com domain or apply your own custom domain.

Even when using myreputationmonitor.com you can define your own brand name, which will be used inside the application and will appear as site title.

For using your own custom subdomain, you need to make two different changes in your DNS settings. For that, please, open your registrar’s panel and look for the DNS settings page.

If you aren’t configuring a subdomain, then you’ll need AWS and Route 53 to configure an alias to dualstack.junction-lb-1655597411.eu-west-1.elb.amazonaws.com.


Please make sure to send the following details to support@olery.com:

Item   Deliverable Note
Primary logo required png file best with transparent background
Secondary logo optional png file only for co-branded dashboards
Primary color optional hex color code needs to work with white text
Secondary color optional hex color code needs to work with white text
Brand name optional name for site title and similar
Custom domain optional subdomain if none is provided, myreputationmonitor.com is used
Support URL required URL or email for help buttons