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Method Path
POST https://agora.olery.com/v3/companies/:company_id/connections/suggestions

This route can be used to make connection suggestions. For a property and source, you can propose one of three different actions: create, update or delete a connection.

See the explanations on what a connection is and how to check existing connections on Company Sources.

All suggestions are manually moderated to ensure appropriate connections and therefore accurate review data. Olery reserves the right manage all properties connections as it sees fit.

Suggested Actions

For a property, each source/connection can have only one pending suggestion. Posting another suggestion before moderation will override the details of the previous suggestion.


All suggestions are manually moderated, usually within 3 days. You can check the moderation status (pending, approved or rejected) using the Company Sources endpoint.

Once a create/update suggestion is approved, the reviews should be available within 12 hours. In case of an update, the previously captured reviews will be deleted.

General Requirements

The data is supposed to represent the online reputation of the property, positive and negative. Therefore, we need to make sure that the connections are accurate and as complete as possible.

Please make sure the user is following these requirements when making suggestions:


Parameter Parameter Type Data Types Required Description
company_id path Integer true ID of the company
action query String true Possible values: create, update, delete
source query String only for create Name of the source
connection_id query String only for update and delete ID of the connection

Example Requests







Output Format

Field Data Types Description
data Array The newly created suggestion record
error String Error message for the user if the request was not successful

Suggestion Fields

In the data key, property details are returned.

Field Data Types Description
id Integer ID of the suggestion
action String create, update or delete
company_id Integer ID of the property
source_id Integer ID of the source
connection_id Integer ID of the connection, empty for action create
suggested_url String Suggested URL, empty for action delete
reject_reason String Reason if the suggestion was rejected
status String Status of the suggestion
created_at Time Date and time of suggestion creation
moderated_at Time Date and time of moderation

Response Statuses

Status Code Reason
201 Created
403 You don’t have access to that company
422 Some of the supplied arguments are not valid