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How does it work?
As this authorisation happens by source and not all the sources support Oauth, at the moment, only Google and Facebook are supported sources. The user authorizes Olery to access his/her Google My Business properties or Facebook account pages and Olery starts using the Google / Facebook API for downloading the properties’ reviews. Then, the user will be able to use our generic API to reply to reviews for different sources.

What to do if the user is part of a group and has access to multiple properties?
Olery identifies and selects only the business from the user account associated to the user’s group. Olery will not access other properties if they are not part of the supported hotels. In the Facebook case, you have a screen in the middle of the authorisation where you can select what properties you want to give access to.

How does the authorisation work exactly?
Authorisation is linked to a Google/Facebook account. Each business can have multiple users. Also, for Google, see requirements in the grey box on https://support.google.com/business/answer/3474050?hl=en

What happens if the user does not have access to all required properties or a new property is added?
Different users can give authorisation to properties. In this case, more than one user which administers the properties should give authorisation for Olery to access their properties.

What happens if multiple users with the same or overlapping properties do the authorisation?
The authorisation is attached to a contract with Olery. So, if multiple users on a same subscription have given us authorisation, we will always use one of them (usually, the last one). If a user part of a given contract wants to reply using another subscription which he’s also part of but still haven’t authorised, he will not be allowed.

What happens if one employee’s authorisation is revoked?
The credential would be disabled and the replies would stop working. An email will be sent to the person in contact notifying whenever it happens.

What to do if one employee’s authorisation needs to be replaced. By example, employee leaving?
The new employee needs to access the given authorisation URL given by Olery Support to authorise the properties again. This process can be repeated for how many people you want in the case the properties are owned by different people and not by one single person.

How can a user revoke access from Olery?
For Google:
This same user should access his profile permissions page and look for the box Third-party apps with account access. You can click this link to go directly. The Olery authorisation is called Review Content. Click on this name to open options and click the button Remove Access and ok in the dialog which will appear.

For Facebook:
After logging into Facebook, go to this link. There you will see all of the various sites you have signed up to, and logged in with, using your Facebook credentials. You need to select the Review Content row by clicking the checkbox at right and then click remove.

How will we know if the access stopped working for one of our customers?
As soon as Olery discovers that, an email will be sent to the person in contact notifying whenever it happens. You can ask the Olery’s support to update this contact email whenever you want. Also, if you make a reply request using our API, an error status and message will be returned.


How long after authorisation does it take for users to be able to reply?
The properties are scraped every 12 hours. In the next scrape, it should be able to update the existing reviews on our database with the information needed to reply. After that, the users should be able to reply already.

What happens when I reply using Olery’s Api? Will my name appear in the answer as the replier?
Google doesn’t specify who has done the reply. It uses the name owner. Facebook is going to use the profile page’s name but logging in as an owner will show you the name of the person which replied.

The user wants to post replies using their real name. Is this possible?
No, Google/Facebook don’t give this option.

How can a reply be updated or deleted?
To update a review, users should write a reply as if they were doing it for the first time. As only one reply per review is allowed, Google/Facebook update it automatically on subsequent replies. We still don’t support reply deletions.

I want to offer text templates for the replies. Do you support this feature?
You can send whatever text message you want using our API. If you plan to support templates, you can add these messages to your application and send them to our API.

What is the maximum size allowed to a reply message?
4 kilobytes.