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Method Path
GET https://agora.olery.com/v3/feedback/distributions?survey_id=:survey_id&company_id=:company_id

List associations of a specific survey with client’s subscription companies. It is need to pass the survey ID and the company ID via query parameters.

Output Format

The aggregated data is returned as an array of objects in the data field. Each object represents a distribution and has the following fields:

Field Data Types Description
id Integer Distribution’s ID
key String Key used as part of the survey’s URL path
url String Survey’s URL
published Boolean Denotes if the distribution is enabled for receiving responses
survey_id String Survey’s ID
company Hash Company linked to the distribution, it has an id (Integer) and name (String) fields

Example Output

  "data": [
      "id": 23984,
      "key": "96fc7c",
      "url": "http://feed.ba/ck/96fc7c",
      "published": true,
      "survey_id": "28bcbc00e265f1497ca4c62cd",
      "company": {
        "id": 8347788,
        "name": "Olery Testing"