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Method Path
GET https://agora.olery.com/v3/sentiment
POST https://agora.olery.com/v3/sentiment

This endpoint runs sentiment analysis through an input text.

A text has its language identified and then analysed with Olery’s Natural Language Processing tools. Polarities are identified and connected to words. Words are categorized into sentiment ratings (also called topics or properties).

Example Request



The following are the parameters used for filtering:

Parameter Parameter Type Data Types Required Description
property_type query String false Lexicon set to use, see below for details

Olery Sentiment Analysis is currently composed of different types of lexicons for different property types or verticals. First, we have lexicons for polarity identification, intensifiers and shifters. Then for each vertical there is set of rating and subratings. Currently the following verticals identifiers are supported:

Output Format

Field Data Types Description
language Object Identified language’s code and name attributes
score Float An overall sentiment score value from -1 to 1
overall String Positive, negative or neutral overall score, see details below
opinions Array An array of all opinions found, see details below
sentences Array An array of sentences and their tokens, see details below


A general score is generated for the input text provided, ranging from -1 to -1. Strength and quantity of positive and negative opinions are taken into consideration for calculation.

Values ranging from 0 to 0.5 are considered neutral, greater than 0.5 positive and lower than 0 negative.


The opinions array is composed of a list of all opinions found in the input text. Each specify one or more subratings in the properties field and the polarity found.

Field Data Types Description
polarity Object neutral, positive or negative polarity
strength Float An indicator of strength depending on intensifiers lexicons
properties Array A list of sentiment ratings identifiers


The sentences array is a list of sentences each containing arrays of tokens separated for proper sentiment analysis.

Field Data Types Description
text String Source text extracted and tokenized
lemma String Lemma (word in its base form)
pos String PoS - Part of Speech - in a one letter representation
morphofeat String PoS in the UPOS form
polarity String neutral, positive or negative polarity
strength Integer An indicator of strength depending on intensifiers lexicons
properties Array A list of sentiment ratings identifiers
type String open or close depending
lexicon_type String intensifier, shifter or null for other lexicons