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Generally, Olery surveys are anonymous. If you want to send certain information about your guests when they open the survey, you can use personalized survey URLs.

There are two benefits to this: Firstly, you can attach details to a survey, so that you can identify the guest or perform a more advanced analysis. Secondly, the guest can skip certain questions if that data is already sent in the survey URL.

URL Parameters

To personalized an URL you need to take the Olery Feedback survey URL and add the guest details as URL parameters.

Survey URL: https://feedback.olery.com/ck-ab1234 or https://feed.ba/ck-ab1234

Parameter example: guest-first_name=John and guest-first_name=Doe

Now add those together: https://feedback.olery.com/ck-ab1234?guest-first_name=John&guest-first_name=Doe

Before the first parameter you need a ? and then before each following a &.

Great, this way you can send any information, e.g. shoe-size=45 or room_number=11.

Standard Parameters

Now, there are a few questions you might have in your survey which will will automatically get skipped, if you provide the information in a parameter.

Parameter Description
guest-email email address of the guest
guest-arrival_date arrival date of the guest in ISO 8601 format (e.g. 2018-12-24)
guest-departure_date departure date of the guest in ISO 8601 format
guest-reason purpose of stay
guest-language language (survey will be set to this language)

Make sure to use exactly these parameter names.

Encrypted URLs

There are a few reasons why you might want to encrypt the personalized URLs:

Encrypting the URLs is done by Olery, which means that you need to make an API request for each personalized URL to encrypt. Automating this requires an developer.

API Request

Method Path
GET https://agora.olery.com/v2/feedback/url

This returns a personalized survey URLs with encrypted guest parameters.

An example request looks like the following. It requires the auth_token and a url parameter which contains the personalized URL as described above.

GET /v2/feedback/url?url=http://feed.ba/ck-ab1234&guest-first_name=John

This would return a url and the params that have been encrypted as a JSON object.

Response Statuses

Status Code Reason
200 OK
404 The specified device could not be found.

Response Fields

Field Data Types Description
url String encrypted survey URL
params Hash used guest parameters