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Method Path
GET https://agora.olery.com/v2/feedback/url

Returns a personalized survey URLs with custom, encrypted guest parameters.

An example reguest looks like the following:

GET /v2/feedback/url?url=http://feed.ba/ck-ab1234&guest-name=John

This would return a url and the params that have been encrypted as a JSON object.


Parameter Parameter Type Data Types Required Description
url query String true The survey URL to personalize.
guest-name query String false The name of the guest.
guest-email query String false The Email address of the guest.
guest-arrival-date query String false The arrival date of the guest in ISO 8601 format.
guest-departure-date query String false The departure date of the guest in ISO 8601 format.
guest-reason query String false The reason the guest is staying at the location.
guest-language query String false The language of the guest.

Response Statuses

Status Code Reason
200 OK
404 The specified device could not be found.

Response Fields

Field Data Types Description
url String The personalized survey URL.
params Hash The used guest parameters.