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You can build an interface for editing, filling and delivering surveys using the Olery Feedback Survey V2 API. You can also check survey responses and analysis. Below, we list the main endpoints required to make it possible:

Building a Survey

You first need to create a survey through the create survey endpoint giving the list of languages, default language and assigned companies. Then, you will be able to list your surveys or open a specific one. You will need to update surveys.

When you create your survey, you can start adding questions, duplicating existing questions, updating your own or even deleting them. You can check the list of existing questions (global + your own created) through the list global questions endpoint. After you create your survey, you can check the identifier key through the list distributions endpoint.

Filling a form

Our Feedback tool has an identifier to connect a survey and a company. When your client wants to give feedback using one form, he needs receive an URL with a key which will be used to create the response. By example, Olery has an URL like http://feed.ba/ck/96fc7c

This endpoint will return the survey with the questions to be shown. You can update this response with the chosen language and other metadata. Each answer can be saved through the create answer endpoint or even updated. At the end, you can set this response as completed and set the duration.

Analysing Survey Responses

There are two main endpoints for checking survey responses

Delivering survey URLs to guests

Coming soon!