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Method Path
GET https://agora.olery.com/v3/mapping

Returns the best Olery match and other matches for the given input. Internally this endpoint uses the Google Places API to find the Google Place ID and match to Olery’s properties.

Input data

The property may be mapped through its basic details (name and location fields) or through third-party IDs stored by Olery per property. See below

Field Data Types Description
name String Name of the given property (required)
address String Address of the given property (optional)
city String City of the given property (desired)
country String Country of the given property (optional)
point String Coordinates in the format lat,lng
lat Decimal Latitude to apply as a bias to search
lng Decimal Longitude to apply as a bias to search
google_place_id String Google Place ID as seen in the Google Places API
trip_advisor_id Integer TripAdvisor ID as present in properties’s URL
expedia_id Integer Expedia ID as present in properties’s URL
ean_id Integer Expedia Network ID as present in Hotels.com’s URLs and EAN databases

Output Format

The result data is returned in the data field.

Field Data Types Description
best_match Hash Best match in Olery’s database
other_matches Array List of other possible matches

For each property found, an object is returned with the following fields

Field Data Types Description
id Integer Olery’s database property ID
created_at Time Date when the property was created
name String Name of the property found
alternative_names Array List of alternative names found for the property
stars Decimal Star classification of the accommodation (if applicable)
latitude Decimal Latitude of the property found
longitude Decimal Latitude
address String Address (street and specifc info) of the property found
city String City of the property found
region String Region of the property found
postal_code String Postal Code of the property found
country String Country of the property found
country_code String Country code of the property found
website String Website of the property found
email String Email of the property found
phone String Phone of the property found
minimum_price String Minimum of the property found
maximum_price String Maximum of the property found
average_price String Average of the property found