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This feature is expected to be released on November 1st, 2019.


Olery offers an API that pushes the given reply to the source. This API is per source and also Property Managers authorisation to Olery to access their properties’ data and post replies on their behalf. At the moment, we support replying directly to Google and TripAdvisor via an iframe (see below).

Authorization process

The authorisation starts with an URL opening in a new tab to Olery’s Review Connect page. Here the user is guided through the source authorisation flow, usually using the source’s OAuth dialog and permissions grants. Use the following URL:


Please contact support to ask for your identification token, it is one per subscirption required.

Once the permission is given by accepting the request, Olery will be authorised to access all properties which this user has manager access. Olery servers will associate this list of properties with the ones in our database and schedule them to start updating their reviews with the necessary associated data.

After the reviews are updated, you can start posting reviews’ replies with the reply endpoint.

We have created a FAQ to answer some expected questions regarding this feature.

User integration

For the supported sources just provide a textarea input field for the user to type in the management reply. You can also provide canned and reply templates to guide the user to reply following good practices.

Most sources don’t supply an API for responding to reviews. Some of them though provide a URL per review dedicated to responding to those reviews. The main example is TripAdvisor. In this case, it provides an iframe in your dashboard using the respond_url field of the reviews present in the review_feed endpoint. When the customer ask to reply to a specific review, this iframe should load in a modal dialog. If the user is already logged in the source (e.g. TripAdvisor), the actual review will be presented with a field for responding directly. This is a effective way to answer to these reviews in a without the user leaving the dashboard. No authorization is required as the public TripAdvisor page is used directly.