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You probably have a database with properties their own IDs which you need to map to Olery’s property IDs. There are serveral ways on how to do this.

Map by GIATA

GIATA is a company that offers a full mapping service. Olery IDs are part of GIATA’s database of “supplier codes”. You simply get a GIATA subscription and it will map your inventory to Olery IDs. This is a very simple and reliable way of mapping. However, there is a monthly cost associated with it.

Map by Mapping’s endpoint

For Review Content customers, we offer an endpoint for mapping properties through name, address details and optionally coordinates. It can also map using Third-party ids from TripAdvisor, Google, Expedia and EAN.

Check out more details at the mapping endpoint.

Map by 3rd party IDs

We can provide a list with Olery IDs and the corresponding IDs from several big providers. This makes the mapping easy if you have those 3rd party IDs already mapped. Just contact us to see which IDs are available.

Map by matching property details

Generally, it is very challenging to map properties by details like name and address alone. Many properties have similar locations, names etc.. Upon request we can provide you with a Ruby script for this purpose. Plan in significant time to familiarize yourself with the code if you want to fine-tune it. An success rate of up to 90% is then achievable depending on the quality of the input.

We do not provide any support for this script!