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Method Path
GET https://agora.olery.com/v3/companies

This endpoint returns a list of all the properties connected to the current user (based on the given api token).

Example Request


Output Format

The aggregated data is returned as a JSON array in the data field. There is an object for each source.

Property Pricing Information

We also provide the current minimum and maximum prices described by TripAdvisor for each property. This information is not present for clients by default. If you plan to use this information, please contact our support

Company fields

Field Data Types Description
id Integer Olery ID
name String Property Name on Trip Advisor
created_at Datetime Date and time when the property was created at the Olery’s system
alternative_names Array List of names supplied by Trip Advisor as alternative names. Usually, old names of the company
stars Decimal How many stars the company has on Trip Advisor ie. company rating
latitude Decimal Latitude of the property
longitude Decimal Longitude of the property
address String Address of the property
city String City of the property
region String Region of the property
postal_code String Postal Code of the property
country String Country of the property
country_code String 2 letters identifying the country.
website String URL when available
email String E-mail when available
phone String Phone number when available
trip_advisor_id String Trip Advisor ID
google_place_id String Google Place ID
expedia_id Integer ID of the property on Expedia. Available if it has an expedia connections
ean_id Integer ID of the property on Hotels.com. Available if it has a hotels.com connections
subscription_id Integer Contract ID

Extra Pricing Company fields

Field Data Types Description
minimum_price Float Minimum price from a list of source websites supported by TripAdvisor
maximum_price Float Maximum price from a list of source websites supported by TripAdvisor
average_price Float Average from the minimum and maximum prices above

Example Output

  "data": [
      "id": 38,
      "created_at": "2010-12-14T22:45:54.000+00:00",
      "name": "Hotel Casa Amsterdam",
      "alternative_names": [
        "casa 400 amsterdam",
        "casa 400 hotel"
      "stars": 3.5,
      "latitude": 52.349922,
      "longitude": 4.918634,
      "address": "Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4",
      "city": "Amsterdam",
      "region": "North Holland Province",
      "postal_code": "1097 BC",
      "country": "Netherlands",
      "country_code": "NL",
      "website": null,
      "email": null,
      "phone": null,
      "trip_advisor_id": "232326",
      "google_place_id": "ChIJu8I6s3gJxkcRK2EhPaiZBVs",
      "expedia_id": 108881,
      "ean_id": 242027,
      "subscription_id": 155,
      "minimum_price": 76.0,
      "maximum_price": 266.0,
      "average_price": 171.0

Additional data

As part of a separated product, we supply the current minimum, maximum and average prices of the property on the different sources listed by Trip Advisor. If you want to receive this additional data on this endpoint, please enter in contact with our support requesting it.