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Method Path
POST https://agora.olery.com/v3/groups/:id/companies

This route can be used activate properties.

Before you can receive date for a property you need to activate it. To make sure we have the correct property selected, we use a TripAdvisor profile URL or ID for the activation.

After activation it might take up to 7 days before all sources and data is available.


Parameter Parameter Type Data Types Required Description
id path Integer true ID of the group
request_connections query Boolean true Indicate if you want Olery to connect the properties to different review sources, should be set to true usually
trip_advisor_ids query Integer false IDs of the properties you want to activate
trip_advisor_urls query String false Encoded URLs of the properties you want to activate
company_ids query Integer false Olery IDs of the properties to be activated

Olery is constantly searching for new connections to review sources. Once activated, further calls with request_connections are not considered.

Your group ID will be provided by Olery.

You need to either include trip_advisor_ids or tripadvisor_urls in your requests with the necessary information, so we can identify the property. You can activate multiple properties in one request by comma-separating IDs or URLs.

Make sure the request URL is not longer than 2000 characters (max. 10 URLs or 200 IDs to activate). We recommend to make one request for each property to activate.

For URLs any hotel profile page from TripAdvisor will work. The domain does not matter. For IDs, you need to use the TripAdvisor property ID, which you will find on-page or in the URL. It’s the number after the letter d, so 232326 in case of https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g188590-d232326-Reviews-Hotel_Casa-Amsterdam_North_Holland_Province.html.

Sometimes TripAdvisor redirects to a new profile with a new ID. Make sure to always use the final URL/ID.

Example Request


Output Format

Field Data Types Description
data Array Details about the activated properties
message String Message for the user if the request was successful
error String Error message for the user if the request was not successful

Property Fields

In the data key property details are returned.

Field Data Types Description
id Integer ID of the property
name String Name of the property
activated_at String Timestamp of when the property was activated

Property Not Found

It is possible that a property is available on the source, but not (yet) available in the Olery database. In such cases, the API will return an “Property not found” error message. You will have to contact support@olery.com with the details of the property you want to activate.

Example Output

    "message": "Properties were successfully activated.",
    "data": [
            "id": 717775,
            "name": "Hotel Indigo",
            "activated_at": "2018-04-17T12:41:26+00:00"

Response Statuses

Status Code Reason
201 Created
400 Request is not valid
403 You don’t have access to that group
422 Property not found or already active